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Detailing work continues at Lesney Park with the addition of these 4mm scale 45 gallon drums, produced locally by one of our cottage
industries a few years ago here Down Under.

Other details added are steps for the furniture factory as shown here. There is still much more to be done to the ground works in this area.

The only other major detailing to be added recently on the layout is the fence around the parcels vehicle area, to completely separate it from
the rail corridor, and is made from Ratio components.

This Heljan Dogfish is basically straight out-of-the-box, just gauge converted and then some weathering treatments added with enamel paints.



During the Canterbury show in mid-January several BR Southern Region sequences were featured. On the Saturday morning USA tank
30071 is pictured heading into the docks with some vans.

During the same morning Class 33 D6505 is pictured standing amongst more vans in the exchange sidings.

The show was the first outing for the USA, which after some final tweaks to the motion on the Friday evening generally ran well.
It did have a slight tight spot when running in one direction however, so the quartering will be checked on the bench.

The Southern theme continued on the Sunday morning with new swop-body Class 04 D2294 getting a run out.

During the closing mid-70s sequence faded 08 296 is pictured on an air-braked van.

With me being based in Gloucester, this Bachmann private owner wagon from the CCMRS club stand was impossible to resist!

Back on the work bench the blue grain project is reaching the final stages before featuring in the layout’s Glasgow appearance later this
month. A ‘Johnny Walker’ early type wagon is shown after fitting of roof walkways and ladders.

A close-up view showing the etched details in position, the challenge now is to get some paint onto these without blocking all the holes!

Also being readied for a big Scottish Region sequence on the layout in Glasgow are the two North British 0-4-0s. D2774 is pictured after
completion of the back lamp and conduit details.

Another view of D2774, now just awaiting final weathering.

..... and now a few more images of Canada Street and its rolling stock captured at the Cantebury exhibition by Paul James.

BR class 08 number D3381.

Drewery class 04 number 11224.

Class 07 with a rake of 3 Sand wagons.

BR class 03 number 2135 alongside class 08 number 3296.

A skirted class 04 number D2212 with BTH class 15 number D8239.....

... and an unidentified classmate at the end of the siding.

Grain wagons on the quayside.

Steam tug 'Julia' awaiting its next turn of duty.

The barge 'Ellesmere' is still just afloat.



A copy of a mid-1960s carriage print showing the King's Cross suburban lines route diagram.

A map of the area being modelled - click for a larger image.